Cd Duplicator – A User-Friendly, Faster & Better Tool For Duplication

So you may be a musician, or a filmmaker, or the CEO of a corporation. All of you, at one point, have had projects that needed to be taken from your computer and placed on a disc. And most likely, the single copy of that disc needed to be duplicated and distributed. CD duplication, DVD duplication, CD album duplication, which one do you choose? Here are a few tips, broken down by industry, to help you pick your disc duplication solution.

You see, professional dvd duplication services is a sophisticated and reliable process that you could rely on. You can expect your CDs to be delivered to your doorstep, having the quality that you have been yearning to hear, and at the same time, getting them on the day that you need them. Yes, you can always rely on professionals to comply with all these.

In a corporate environment there are many uses for CD and DVD duplication. You might have a PowerPoint project that needs to be duplicated and distributed, or you may have a report that needs to be presented and distributed. The difficulty lies in choosing which media, CD or DVD, to duplicate or replicate on. For a smaller project you probably want to choose CD media, as most discs can hold up to 74 minutes of audio or 650 MB of data. DVD media typically holds 4.7 GB of information, and the new dual-layer DVD-Rs will hold up to 8.54 GB of info. This would be great for larger or a multiple file duplication project.

Only use a A grade CD-r disc for your master. Taiyo Yuden manufactured CD-r media is the best available in terms of low block error rate, error correction, and playback compatibility. Don’t mess around with other brands that are a few cents cheaper, they simply are not as good. Also, make sure to only use CD-recordable media, not CD-rewritable. Keep the total file size of your CD master to 695 megabytes or less and under 79 minutes for audio CDs.

You just need to consider the time element of production. Usually, for CD replication, you would be counting between 7 to 14 days, depending on the number of CDs that you would require. If it would be more than 500 but less than 50,000, it would take 7-10 days for disc only, and 8-12 days if it is with print and pack. If it is more than 50,000, it would be 10-12 days for disc only and 10-14 days for discs with print and pack.

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to create professional-looking CDs today. Even if you and your band mates do not have much money, this is still possible. First choice you have is to get someone else to do the work for you. There are services, such as Copy Cats Media, who provide CD and DVD duplication services, as well as quality mastering, for an affordable price. Oftentimes, these services also allow you to buy smaller quantities, but at a reasonably higher rate for every piece. This way, you won’t be stuck with a warehouse filled with a huge stockpile of CDs.

You agree on how many CDs you need and jacket printing details. They will then send you a quote which you need to read carefully then sign to agree that you are prepared to go ahead with the order.

The last benefit in favour of using a CD duplication service is less error. If you have tried to duplicate a CD in the past, chances are high that you slipped up at least once, creating the need to start all over. If it was not you, then the program you were using to do it was not operating properly. A CD duplication company is made up of professionals; they will know how to handle various situations, including faulty programs and CDs. With less lengthy and costly errors for you do deal with, your CDs will be in perfect, working shape.