Dog Separation Anxiety Can Become An Ailment If Not Treated Properly

Traveling without your best four-legged friend happens most often to meet restrictions at destination locations, “No Pets Allowed.” We have taken trips on many occasions to find the adventure did not bring the enjoyment anticipated. Regardless of the wonderful surroundings couched with unique places to visit, the trip inevitably ends early due to missing and or worrying about our pet.

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Before looking at these concerns, one laudatory comment in favor of the bill — it does not single out any breed or mix of breeds. It applies to shelter dogs across the board.

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Got to have at least one U2 song on here and this one is perfect for Earth Day. After all these years and a new album just released (“No Line On The Horizon”), it is more than clear that this band never ever phones it in. While a song like this may seem corny or overly sentimental in just about anyone else’s hands, U2 turns it into one of their most thrilling and uplifting songs. Indeed, some days you just cannot let get away. This is especially the case for Earth Day.

The third concept is that culture is learned. This means that younger members of a population learn from elder members how to act in a certain culture. This includes their daily retinue, how leadership works, who plays what part in the society, etc. Just as we learn from our parents, the younger apes learn from the older apes what is acceptable and what is not. They learn from example just as we do.

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