Outsource Article Writing – A Comprehensive Guide To Using Freelancing Sites Part 1

As the trend of posting projects online is increasing rapidly due to the popularity of outsourcing, it is essential to learn how to write an effective project description before posting it online. Project planning and writing well formed job descriptions for your projects are important factors whilst learning how to outsource. We should keep in mind a good deal of things when writing an enticing project description, our rudimentary aim is to construct a description that is appealing to providers, specifies the category completely, and depicts the work required in a very detailed and comprehensive fashion so that the person that is reading wont lose interest when reading it .

Create a detailed project description. The next thing to do is to create a Contribute to content that you’ll post on freelancing sites. It’s important that you tell service providers the exact things that you’re looking for so they can bid according. Instead of putting “I need 10 articles on internet marketing” be willing to tell them more. Tell them the required word count and keyword density, the amount of research needed, if you’re going to provide the research materials, the deadline, and the amount of money that you’re willing to pay.

Your writing skills develop naturally, just because you’re writing more. However, there are other skills you need to learn. For example, you need to know how to get a Web site online quickly, within hours; how to manage a press campaign; how to run a Pay Per Click campaign… the more you know, the more your opportunities increase.

I check out their portfolios, read feedback (especially looking for any 1, 2, or 3 stars). And I open up a dialogue with the provider via the private message board before I commit to hiring them.

Until you see that the project has been awarded to somebody else never consider yourself out of the running. If the project been closed for bidding for over a week with no programmer selected make sure to message the client and ask if they needed any more information. Don’t be pushy, but let them know you haven’t forgotten about them and point them to additional samples if available. It won’t always work, but often this extra attention will tip a client who’s been on the fence between two freelancers.

What I do is have each Player rate the list in order of priority, (1) being the most important project and so forth. Next, ADD up the points for each project, the lowest SCORE is the project that is considered the most important by the T.E.A.M.

For contracts, I don’t do hourly because you never know how many hours it’ll take someone to finish a project. Instead, choose fixed price. You can either escrow or not it’s up to you. If I’m working with an established provider, I don’t mind paying a deposit and then the remainder when they’re done.

In today’s fast moving world of small business, it is easy to become bogged down with unproductive tasks. If you are not yet using a Virtual Assistant, consider what task are weighing you down and think about whether they can be outsourced. Remember the lessons that Michael Gerber taught us in one of the greatest business books ever written, the E-Myth. In order to grow, we must work ON our business, not IN our business.