5 Social Networks That Should Have Iphone Apps

I’ve looked through hundreds of band websites, from the professional sites designed by high-tech designers to the free sites you’ll find at MySpace or Facebook. From this research, I’ve learned a few simple techniques to designing a website that serves its purpose. There are two purposes to every band website: first, to sell your band; and second, to sell your CDs or digital downloads. If your website does any less, you are selling yourself short. So let’s get started with 12 hot tips on how you can turn your website into a money maker.

Humans are discovering more and more high tech solutions to problems we never even knew had, and now these gadgety answers to our issues can be passed along to our pets in the fast-growing pet product industry.

The trick to using free DJ sound effects is to get one that you can tweak and edit such that you can make your very own dance track. Since dance tracks usually consist of repetitions and mostly sound effects, it would be interesting if you are able to use your creative juices and make full use of the DJ sound effects to make your very own masterpiece.

Humans created follow people on myspace and Facebook to tell the whole world all about our very interesting selves. Dogster and Catster soon followed because our pets cannot be without their own profiles can they? We have GPS enabled applications for our cell phones so we can track/stalk our friends at any time. GPS units for lost animals hit the market, though with a much more practical purpose. Now with Twitter, a website where you tell the world what mundane things you are up to any any moment in time… in 140 characters or less…, a new pet product has hit the market that allows a pet owner to know electronically what his or her pet is doing at any moment as well.

Now there are many reasons why people want to keep their profiles private, they don’t feel their lives are out there for everyone and only want their friends and family to be able to view their profiles. This is not something to abuse but something to help you if you are looking at profiles and you are not sure if the person’s profile you are viewing is a long lost friend and you feel just being able to see a bit more information would help you know if its myspace account them or not.

There are 4 main categories to online marketing that you need to concentrate on: Blog Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Networking. There are additional easy to learn methods as well as these four that can generate good results, too.

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