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Writing a unique baby shower invitation is easier than you think. Just keep these guidelines in mind as you search for the right words to celebrate the mom-to-be.

Picking a theme can help make planning the party easier and more fun. There are as many different themes out there as there are moms-to-be. You can pick one that suits her personality, the sex of the baby, the time of year the baby will be born, or one of the more traditional shower themes. Ones like monkey, stork, rubber ducky, Winnie the Pooh, butterfly, or sports are all fun themes. The bonus with these is that it should be easy to find decorations and invitations since they are popular themes.

Are you planning a baby shower? Good for you! A baby shower is the perfect way to shower the mom-to-be with love and support and help her celebrate one of the most exciting times in her life. But if you’ve never planned a baby shower decor durban, you may not be sure where to start. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Lots of other women have been in the same boat you’re in, wondering just where to start. The advice below is designed to guide you through the steps involved in planning a successful baby shower.

French for ‘response, would you please’ and the explanation for the abbreviation RSVP. You’ll now understand why saying Please RSVP is both unnecessary and also inappropriate. Once upon a time, the ‘RSVP’ request was made on the invitation itself and invited guests knew to ‘reply’ immediately – on personal stationery no less. Yet, as you can imagine, such etiquette was not followed by all and after one too many incorrect head counts, someone got the bright idea to create reply cards to simplify the process. With the invention, all guests had to do was fill out their names and their intent – by a specified date.

The invitation and response card are the first impression you will make on guests. Thus, you’ll want your invitation to convey the tone of your event: Formal or casual. This will also clue guests in on how to dress. While traditional etiquette says it’s improper to include anything about attire, it’s hard to imagine anyone being offended by a small note confirming what to wear. For instance, “Black Tie,” “Festive Attire” or “Dressy Casual,” will help guests better prepare for your event.

Punch: The punch bowl is the most common gathering spot at any party. There are several luscious punch options to choose from and each one delivers a tasty drink that everyone will be talking about. There is a fabulous sparkling grape punch which combines white grape juice and sparkling lemon-lime soda, or you may want to make a yummy sherbet punch that has pineapple juice and a scoop of sherbet.

Measuring Up Mommy is another fun game, just be sure that mommy is okay with this before you plan it! Some mommys-to-be may be too sensitive about their belly size! This game gives everyone at the baby shower the opportunity to measure the size of mommy’s belly. You start the game by having toilet paper rolls ready for the guests to use in order to guess the size. Each participant in this game will cut the toilet paper to the size that they think will fit mommy’s waist. Once this is done each guest wraps their paper around the mommy-to-be’s waist with the one coming nearest to guessing right being declared the winner.