Best Places To Find Job Vacancies

Less than three months after I was hired to man a cubicle for the first time in my life, I heard people throughout the office weeping openly. I’m in my mid 40s, so the fact that this was my first grunt job is a bit strange. The truth is, I have been self employed most of my life, and I was ill prepared for the “The Office.” Not the kind like those funny guys on TV, but the usual, cubicle-laden type office.

Gaps: To most interviewers, gaps do not symbolize a need to take a break, re-evaluate life, and start out on another, more focused, career path. Gaps mean that you enjoyed living on unemployment or that you are hiding something. If you already have a lot of jobs on your resume, then gaps could mean you are covering up even more jobs, terminations, or flakey behavior.

Some companies have been proving severance packages that may include extra wages, benefits for an additional period, and if you are truly lucky, “outplacement assistance,” that will assist you through the transition. Outplacement firms are not an vikar oslo or a headhunter; they’re more of a hybrid. They prepare you and equip you for your job search.

If you like working with the public, you might want to head to Bridge Street first. Bridge Street is full of many stores and restaurants. Places like that are always looking for employees. Some of your choices are: McDonalds, Burger King, Kohls, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Big Lots, Sears and JC Penny’s. Of course, there are many other stores and restaurants still left.

Take your time with them, and write your answers down. It may take you several days to decide how you really feel about some of the questions, but it’s worth the effort to figure them out. As you work with them, make notes about any career possibilities that come to mind.

Many placement agencies also offer temporary services. Ask if you can apply to be a temporary until something permanent is available. Check for other temporary agencies in your area. Many temporary positions become permanent if the employer is confident with your abilities. It’s a great way to get in the door and show your skills.

Many Internet job sites specialize in the oil industry. They may even have a special section for oil rig welding jobs. Instead of paying thousands, you usually pay less than $100 for a lifetime subscription. You can use the site anytime you want to change jobs in the future. Some will even blast your resume out to all the companies that are currently looking for oil rig workers. This method seems to work faster and cheaper than any other method.

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