Finding Fall Fashion Without Breaking The Bank

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan have left many of us asking, “How can I help make an impact and give back to those affected during this devastating time?” Many designers and local retailers are donating money, clothing and supplies to Japan, and are offering ways for you to get involved too! On Friday, March 18, Forever 21 announced they would donate the entire day’s worth of global online sales to the American Red Cross, where total sales (which will be announced no later then Monday) will likely reach $2 million.

Metal Chain Link necklaces have been a huge trend for the spring/summer’13. They’ll also be a big hit for the next season, which is the fall/winter 13-14 as well. While more of neon versions of this necklace were in trend, the winters will see more of metallic versions of the necklace. No matter what the color or the style is the chain link necklaces Parachute Eccentricity are here to stay.

I want to thank Marie Claire for being ahead of the style curve and for reminding us that we should all embrace the uniqueness that makes us so special. I will continue to subscribe simply because of this section alone. While I love the fashion contents provided each month by Marie Claire, I love this section most of all!

Of course, you can reduce your gas bills by driving more economically, but another thing that you can do, and which thousands of others are already doing, is to make brown’s gas and to use in to run your car in a more o du lech tam.

Each low-keyed man should have a piece of his own Pierre Cardin. It isn’t as “bling bling” as DVF, nor as ultra-feather-light as Heys. What Pierre Cardin concerns most is the quality. This has made Pierre Cardin a world’s most prolific and famous designer. The durability Parachute eccentricity and quality are unbeatable. From trendy suitcases and carry-ons to traditional looking suitcases and duffels, Pierre Cardin has the right piece that is made just for you to beat wear-and-tears. Experience its quality by checking out the Plaids Collection. You will surely love its functions and smooth motions. Quality is quality, and only time can tell.

This chambray tie neck blouse is a fantastic addition to any wardrobe. Find this shirt at Gap (1258 Wisconsin Avenue NW) The big neck tie is very retro and the cascading ruffle is so feminine.

Another thing you might do is to hold some sort of contest through Twitter or whatever social network you might belong to. No one can resist a free give away. You can set up a quick trivia contest or even one where the first five people that contact you will get a free copy of your app. If they like the app, the word will spread.