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With so much going on over the weekend between the Ravens, Maryland football and basketball and even the O’s, I wanted to give my thoughts on several key topics.

With a bit of googling I came across this number. I will post it here for those of you who need a number to call, yet cannot find one on the site. 1-866-941-8368.

We’re talkin’ about a team that defines the term “star-crossed,” a team that plays in tiny but beautiful Wrigley Field where the adjective “gem” fits as perfectly as does the famous ivy which covers its brick outfield walls. Remember, this is a ballpark which resisted lights for night follow my profile until 1985, so “change” is not a fashionable concept for this organization.

Next, is a college student from Georgia. I joke with him about being “the other Charlie,” since Charlie is a nickname my father saddled me with when he realized I wasn’t a boy.

4 weeks passed and I didn’t receive a magazine from Nintendo Power, I instead got a letter telling me that my subscription would not begin until August! I didn’t get it? It was really going to take them 3 months to sort out my subscription? What the hell!?

That brings us to this year’s game. The Jackets are much improved and have perfected the triple option. They lead ACC teams in total offense and rushing offense and have two running backs, as well as a quarterback, who can bust open a big play at any moment.

That one sentence will eat away at your ex boyfriend’s ego over time. He’ll suddenly see you as a renewed challenge in his life. If you don’t him, he’ll want you. It’s all about taking away what he thinks he still has.