Free Web Hosting: Is It The Best Option For You?

The fastest way to build a web site if you have no experience with programming languages is to use a web site builder. Website design software is a great boon to beginners who would like to have an online presence but lack the technical experience to fiddle with building a web site from scratch.

On Facebook you can type in the # in the search bar. You have to actively turn it on. It offers you a different search tool that you can use to “drill down” to the exact type of person, for example, that you are looking for. You can search: friends-of-friends, places, interests.

“Money talks and bulls**t walks” right? We’ve all heard that phrase before. And yes, I most certainly starred out that word myself as to not offend anyone. I just know that everyone has heard that phrase and I think it is very relevant to this topic.

At this time I was just keen to test and see if I could get one to work on my site. Soon I settled for one called “The PCman Website Refer a Friend” Within minutes, I had it installed and running. One thing I did not do, and which I would advise (based on the benefit of painful hindsight) ANYONE who uses third party scripts on his/her site to do, is to check and confirm the programmer has taken pains to secure the script code against exploitation (Specific details/links to URL resources on how to go about this provided further down).

Note: It was only after the event, and following prompts from my hosts that I checked and found the PCManrefer script had inadequate security written into the code. The resulting “security hole” was what the hacker later exploited remotely to launch a massive spam attack.

Anyone can learn how to do anything themselves. For example you can learn to do plumbing, roofing, paving, auto mechanics, etc. Then you won’t have to hire a plumber, roofer, etc. but, you always have the problems. You may not have the right tools, so you have to spend money on those, and then you may mess up anyway and have to call a professional to fix your mess. cheap website design is no different.

Put some of these strategies to work and build your audience, engage with new fans, and propel your business website or blog to the front of the pack.

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