Hold Your Head High And Make It Happen!

There are so many concepts of marketing nowadays and each of them may be just fine, but T. Harv Eker is giving you marketing definition that is going to change your business drastically for good.

First and foremost, the program had to give me the freedom that I wanted. I hate being tied down to a job and the thought of coming home at night and then be tied down to another job was simply too depressing.

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Jake: Boxer Leavander Johnson. Now, most of you probably went, “Who?” Leavander Johnson died several days after a fight in Atlantic City a few years ago. He was promoted by the company that I used to intern for and I had met him at a fight card just several weeks before it happened. He had finally won his first championship as a professional fighter, and his own heart and will – not going down and continuing to take punishment – cost him his life.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have not masters the art of timeliness yet. However, I am probably my hardest critic when it comes to being prepared. There’s nothing like the feeling of walking into a presentation or workshop knowing that I have thought through all of the details and prepared to the best of my ability. That confidence and preparation usually translates into an outstanding performance.

Today, Elena Pezzini, M.S., Sr. Certified Results Coach & Hypnotist, owner of “You Have Got The Power, Inc.” and Turnaround/Restructuring Coaching & Hypnosis will interview a very special guest, Dave Austin. Austin is in high demand as a performance coach and team building speaker to elite athletes and celebrities. During this interview, he’ll share his unique methods and approach to training effectively – words of wisdom every extreme combat athlete should heed.

I believe in synchronicity and that the things I experience day by day teach me about Love. Even in the news, where it’s hard to find love, teaches me it’s there, if I see it. Lessons and wisdom catch me by surprise sometimes. I just read this morning that there is a newspaper, called “The Dot” that has the motto; “Nothing Happened And We Want To Report It.” It is a wonderful non-dualistic thought that there is nothing but Love in the world, it doesn’t happen, It Is, and there is plenty of news in that story.

To develop this Millionaire Mind requires effort but the rewards are far greater that I ever imagined. After my life changing experiences and successes I devoted my life to helping others develop their Millionaire Mind and live the successful and happy life they deserve. I was encouraged to write a book, I wrote this book thinking of others who may have financial difficulties, those who feel like giving up, those who feel like happiness skipped over them and to show everyone that If I can do it so can you! Today is your opportunity for a destiny change. Learn the formula that will most certainly guarantee you Success, Happiness, Health, and Wealth. This is your time Now!