Hotels In London Put You In The Heart Of It All

London is said to be one of the most exciting cities in the world. This article gives you some amazing reasons to book a weekend there, so you can look forward to a nice break away from home.

CSI: NY (CBS, 9pm) – NEW! The CSIs investigate when a badly decomposed body is discovered in an abandoned car on a rooftop. The probe reveals the killer manipulates his crime scenes and uses the victims’ parents to accomplish it.

As a Mom, I now have a new level of appreciation for the New Orleans zoo. There are so many things to see here that you can visit many times and never get bored. From the huge gorilla to the current animated remote control, some things just never get old. There’s nothing like taking a walk through the swamp at this zoo. You are totally put into the Cajun lifestyle and feel of the bayou here. There is Zydeco music playing, a food center with Southern favorites like Red Beans and Rice or Jambalaya, as well as huge alligators to see. If you time it right, you can even watch the alligator feeding held daily.

Triangle Town Center is the newer mall. It has a huge number of stores and is continuing to grow. In addition it has it’s own exit off I540. It has a huge amount of parking and a fantastic selection of stores. Like Crabtree, whoever designed the traffic flow around the mall likes to make it difficult. It has a service road that goes all the way around the mall. It is easy enough to get into the mall, though you may not know which floor you are entering on. Once in, it is a really impressive mall. For the really small children, there is a play area that can drain every ounce of excess energy for the weary parents. They have a very nice and open food court (in both malls).

The view is similar to a planetarium. The seats are built on a recline as the images on screen envelope you. The movie we saw, “The Mysteries of the Great Lakes”, was mostly about the sturgeon fish, but some of the camera angles gave me butterflies in my stomach. It felt like I was really flying over the lakes.

Terriers (FX, 10pm) – NEW! When Britt’s kidnapped, taken to Tijuana and reunited with his old partner, Ray, Hank and his old partner, Mark, head south of the border to get the pair out of hot water. Guest starring Maximilliano Hernandez.

The Berjaya Eden Park Hotel in Bayswater is close by Oxford Street. This is one of the major thoroughfares of Westminster. It is a huge shopping area with 548 shops. It is considered to be London’s main shopping district. All the major department stores have their flagship store on Oxford Street. It is also a common place to see preachers, political demonstrations, and Hare Kirshnas. At Christmas time Oxford Street is decorated in festive lights.