How To Ensurethat Your Kitty Gets The Right Cat Nutrition She Needs

A few years ago we had a problem one morning when my husband noticed a large tail sticking out from under the refrigerator in our old Alameda home. The sight of it made my toes curl, and I ran into the living room, where I stood hugging myself and moaning until he scared whatever it was back under the refrigerator.

OK…back to the drawing board! I then fell back on Plan B for getting Scout to eat better and prevent future feline UTI problems. I’ll share that with you next week.

Another technique is to put dog food or best cat treats under a pie tin in your garden. Cut a few side vents in the tin for doorways. Slugs will go in during the evening and begin munching. In the morning, you can lift off the tin and collect them.

Swollen or Infected Anal Glands: If you see your cat sliding along your tile floor it can be a sign of one or two things. It might be a symptom of tapeworms or it could be swollen or infected anal glands. These glands are located on either side of the anus on the inside. If the glands are swollen, they need to be emptied.

You can actually wait on these and use your own, but if you opt to purchase them at this point, consider dishes which are heavier or rubber-edged to prevent moving. Stainless-steel is suggested. Plastic and porcelain dishes can scratch, leaving crevices in which bacteria can accumulate.

Then languidly it started to move … move toward my vantage point where I was hunkered down. As it approached, it gently pushed aside a chain-saw-carved wood bear that sat on the step outside my glass-paneled door.

Overall, give your cat a lot of love, and keep him/her comfortable in their older years. Your cat will live longer, and stay healthy through their old age.

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