Inspiration – The Key To Succeeding

Motivation comes from the word ‘move’ and means ‘to move’. Motivation literally means; that which moves a person to a course of action. Motivation indicates a movement that is initiated by a reason or purpose. This is an important point to understand; having a reason and purpose will activate motivation. For example, it is hard to move towards something if you can’t see any reason or purpose. In other words you need a motif or good reason as to why you would put in the effort and to create some momentum and move from where you currently are. If you are keen to do something you are more likely to be motivated; you don’t have to try, you will just want do it. Remember also that you might have a reason and purpose to NOT be motivated; in that case you won’t to ‘move’.

When you think about it, life is made up of little successes every day. We achieve those successes with inspiration. We accomplish those successes by becoming inspired first, then planning, then finally, we accomplish our goal.

When you focus on the loss rather than the gain it is hard for the brain to get excited and support you. Giving up something trusted and familiar is not the way to do it. Your brain needs a better and more compelling reason in order to start making changes.

So, how does ‘talent’ fit into all this? I think that the word ‘talent’ refers to an individual’s ability to listen to, understand and transcribe what he or she experiences into words, music, paintings, etc. To listen to divine Get inspired, to interpret it and to be able to show your experience to others.

So, whenever you are being motivated, double check. Is this motivation resonating with me, am I driven to take action, or is it just an outer shell? If it’s a true motivation from within yourself, retain the motivation, if it’s somebody else’s, discard it. Simple and effective. Note that this is just a safety measure. I usually consider interior motivation to be true and exterior motivation to not feel so true. If you are the kind of person that can hear about others’ achievements and still act with perfect confidence and discipline as if it were yourself, by all means do it. It’s just most people don’t consider exterior motivation that truthful after some time, and this is the way to prevent that.

One of the most important rules for success is “Control the Controllables.” The ultra-successful people apply this rule using both sides of the coin. In other words, every aspect of their lives within their control that brings them closer to their goals, in business, or in life is taken advantage of. If getting to the office at 6:30 am will help them reach their goals, you can bet that they will be at the office everyday at 6:30 am. One critical point must be made. Because something is within our control, does not mean we are in control of it. You are not in control of anything until you take control.

In the end if you really want this thing, be it learning to design your own clothes or finishing that book, you can have it. The trick is to motivate yourself. Because the sad truth is if you aren’t motivated then you won’t get it accomplished between daily lives. So make sure to make your goal a priority and remind yourself why you wanted it in the first place. The motivation is already inside you, you just have to make it work for you. Motivation is the key to self-improvement. And the best part is you already have that motivation inside you. Sometimes, you just have to remind yourself.