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Unlike, it seems, 80 percent of America, I was with this show from almost the beginning and only tuned out this season when Jon and Kate Gosselin became tabloid fodder. The train wreck was a-comin’, and I didn’t care to watch.

With the cost being the difference between about $20,000 and $7000 many choose to have the surgery performed at a Center. This is not even considering the fact that at a Center it is performed as an outpatient procedure. What this means is that when the surgery is done you go back to your hotel room with another adult that accompanies you to rest. You do not have to stay at the hospital. The following day a tubal reversal nurse will check you and your incision and you are able to return home.

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Is there IVF Centre a less expensive way for a couple to have a baby of their own naturally? There is, and it is known as tubal ligation reversal surgery. This is where a woman who has had a tubal ligation will undergo surgery and have her damaged fallopian tubes repaired by an expert reversal surgeon. The surgery costs about $7,000 and surgery time is about an hour.

In the video released by Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center a patient by the name of Erin gives her account of trying to achieve pregnancy after her surgery. Followed by a few miscarriages Erin was able to give birth to a very healthy baby. But, getting to the point of having a healthy baby was not a road paved with gold. The road was filled with bumps, heartbreak and frustration. And in the video Pregnant With Tubal Reversal Baby this patient explains in true detail how the journey can be.

So when a few years ago a couple of friends and I happened upon the show, we were simply captivated. It was sort of like going to the zoo, and that’s not quite as condescending as it sounds. Because the Gosselins really seemed to be making the most of an absurd situation. Sure, Kate was more drill sergeant than Earth mama most days, but it was required. The more drippy Jon got his head bit off now and again, but he was never the one tasked with making the trains run on time. That was always Kate. The household would have been chaos without her Type A anal retentiveness.

In the months I spent trying to conceive, I felt completely lost and powerless. Parts of my struggle were transparent, broadcast to the world or anyone who was paying attention. I saw my doctor constantly, almost daily during treatment cycles. I came to know his vacation schedule, how he took his coffee, and his secretary’s children’s names. I took deep breaths through internal ultrasounds and learned to count my follicles along with the nurses. I joked with the lab techs as I became accustomed to giving up my blood and my neat and simple life as I knew it. And those were the easy parts, the parts that weren’t a secret. It was the hidden parts of my life that were hell on earth.

There is nothing wrong with spending money on a medical procedure of any kind. The question becomes are there other approaches that you might be better off trying first?