Leadership Courage – How To Create Boundless Energy In The Workplace

A while ago, I posted an ad on Craigslist (CL) to find a professional illustrator for my book. Yes, I got a good response, but I also got a very annoying email from a resentful person. He (I’m assuming that this person was a man) was insulting me because I used positive words in my ad.

On the other hand, you see people that seem to have everything and they are happy with positive attitudes. Again you might say, why wouldn’t they be happy and positive if they have everything? The reason they have so many good things in their life is because of the positive Tomorrow is a new day they send out and positive things are returned to them.

It’s easy to agree that summer flies by more quickly than the other seasons. Yet time good vibes really isn’t the villain. There are just as many occasions when we urge time to pass more quickly – like a lingering Friday afternoon before the weekend or that last long day before vacation.

To manifest your dreams and desires using the law of attraction, you must see and feel them in your possession. To help you do this, get a picture of them so that you can constantly see your dream in your possession. This places it in your subconscious mind and starts the manifestation process.

Are you singing and dancing in joy, and sharing your happiness with others, or are you feeling discontented with what the Universe is bringing you. Nobody has the power to take your joy away but you. So let’s say that someone tries to put a spoke in your wheel by not behaving exactly in the way that you may expect. What are you going to do?

Later that day, I leash up my two dogs who themselves are giddy with joy at the idea of an outing, and head to my car to run some errands. Something is wrong. My car looks shorter. Then I look down and see that both tires on the passenger side are completely flat. Upon further inspection, I see that they have been deliberately slashed. Whoa! How could this happen? I have no enemies. I am nice to everyone I encounter in my neighborhood. Was this a random act of vandalism? What the heck was going on? I have been vibing extra good vibes, for crying out loud.

On the other hand, if you have a cheerful disposition and you’re easy to talk to then he would want to spend more time with you. So if you want to attract boys then you need to have a great personality. He’s going to feel relaxed around you and would even look forward to talking to you again. And it wouldn’t be so hard for him to ask you out on a date!