Songwriting – Inspiration Or Perspiration?

These are tough times and a good old fashioned motivational video can be a great way to start a meeting, event or to get ramped up for a new organizational goal. Try one of these new or classic motivational videos to rev up your workplace.

Learning from the experiences of great photographers and teachers will always be an read magazines. A photography class will teach you ways of shooting as well as the fundamentals of great image taking.

If you need more motivations, there are many sources out there like reading motivational books about successful people or you maybe search there internet for motivational videos to watch, there are a lot of really nice videos available as well as motivational articles written by thousands of authors with different experiences in life.

It is a science to motivate people and keep them motivated. In the home based business programme, there are too many people who start but lose interest after some time. The rate of failure is too high. If failure is being defined as people not achieving in the industry what they believed they could or should have achieved, the real reason for this must be determined. My view is that the importance of the correct application of the basic theories of motivation is not being applied correctly in the industry.

Another simple but effective way to improve your motivation is to write your goal down. The little act of writing your goal on a piece of paper increases your motivation and your chances of success.

Inspiration can be found in a hobby or interest. Music, dancing, arts, painting, sketching, sculpting, gardening, landscaping, designing, etc can all help you tap into your creative self and help you glean a lot about yourself. Being one with yourself and feeling peace and bliss can make a person surpass the limits of the possible and achieve something extraordinary.

At one point I climbed higher and stopped for a while. In both directions the river, shining in the sun, threaded the trees and pastures. Across the valley the woods stood showing many shades and shapes of green and, almost at my feet, a flight of swallows skimmed the grass. I was overwhelmed with inspiration – the third flavour.

A wise man once said, “Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” The enemy will place strongholds in our mind and make us feel as though were not going to make it. Sometimes you may think, “I might as well quit because I’m not seeing results.” However I dare you to keep trying, remember, the moment we stop trying that’s where failure begins.