Stone Fireplace Designs That Sizzle

When winter time approaches and the weather gets chilly or even just on a cold night, people need to keep themselves warm. And what would be an ideal fixture to use? Right, a fireplace.

Add round or jagged 1 inch stone to the inside of the basin. Add a surround that matches the floor or tile the perimeter of the exterior of the basin to finish it off.

Heck, maybe you’ve even taken the time to look at some of the possibilities in the marketplace and thought to yourself after a little bit of shopping around that the costs were more than a tiny bit on the steep side (this is true), and you might have sold yourself on the thought that it would be a real pain to decorate with. You know what I mean here, finding an installer that you can trust and so forth. But here is what you really need to know if you want to bring the look of natural stone inside your home. You now have a less expensive way of doing it, actually the costs are considerably less, and that is installing and remodeling with what is called a natural thin חיפוי קיר.

Firstly and most importantly – the manufactured stone looks just like the real thing. You don’t want an inferior pretend stone wall cladding that is nowhere near the real item.

One of the most popular styles of flagstone is the style of Fond Du Lac known as ledge Random Ashlar. This stone is available in finishes ranging from planned, tumbled, chiseled, natural, sanded, square, round, irregular, bush hammered, flame finished, rock face, and split rock.

Cement fiber is another option like stucco. It is durable but not as much as brick and stone and gave the look of many other exteriors such as brick. Expect to pay somewhere in the range of $3-$5 per square foot.

This one is easy to install. The iron posts, beams, and the roofing are already made and once the materials are erected, all you have to do is decorate. This type of structure is usually used in occasions but they can be place in your back yard permanently by securing the posts into the ground. A lawn turf can look good for the flooring. Add drapes for elegance and shade, and use outdoor bean bags for comfort.

If you do not want to have a large project like this, you can just use the pieces as accents. Buy a lot of modern pieces for your home, and then spread the pieces that look like they belong in a log cabin out between the rooms. These little accent pieces can give you the look that you want without being overbearing. This takes the edge off of the differences between the styles so that they will blend together a bit more in your new house.