The Most Important Rule For The Wedding Dj Playlist

Several months ago a friend shared a story about a wedding she had gone to. As I sat an listened I was filled with sadness because so many of the mishaps she shared were almost 100% avoidable. A bride should have the best reception ever! This article will help you avoid the same mistakes and possibly make your reception beyond unforgettable…for all the right reasons!

Make sure the DJ you are talking with will be the actual DJ performing at your reception. Many DJ companies book multiple events on the same night & may sub-contract to other companies using DJs with varying levels of skill. Be careful of “bait & switch tactics”. Avoid any last minute surprises by making sure you evaluate the individual DJ & not just the DJ Company.

It is very important that your Chicago Hire a DJ have a vast selection of music. Have you grown tired of hearing the same old boring “played out” songs that you’ve heard over and over at every wedding? Maybe your guests will feel the same way. You want a DJ in Chicago that is adaptable to the crowd and can play songs based on how the crowd is responding to different genre’s of music. The ultimate goal is to have your guests up dancing and having a good time and experienced Chicago DJs should be able to achieve that with no problem. Also, don’t be afraid to request songs that you want and even songs that you “don’t” want played. Any experienced Chicago disc jockey should always be able to accommodate any music requests that you have.

Live bands take the stress away and tailor the musical experience to your exact wishes. A live band can be hired at a reasonable cost, often cheaper than a DJ, and most offer the opportunity of hearing the band live or on recordings on their websites.

3) Is your Albany DJ a member of the National Association of Mobile Entertainers or other trade association ensuring they or he is competent, reliable and honest?

Our experience tells us that our pre-wedding day planning session is the most important service we offer to help you plan a fun and exciting wedding reception.

The current trend is 3 sets of 45 minutes of live music each for a four hour period. Some couples prefer 2 sets of 1 hour each depending upon their food and other events. Most musicians will have their CD player hooked up to the venues PA system during the gaps and for sometime before the start of the live performance.

Another benefit of having Wedding DJ Music is that it can actually be cheaper for you in the long run. They provide all of the equipment and have less “demands” for set up than bands do. It is easier to have one person managing the entertainment than four or five trying to call the shots. What ever you choose just remember you do have the right to ask for specific songs and request they do not play specific songs. Keep in touch with your DJ in case any changes need to be made.