Things To Consider In Choosing A Philippine Wedding Photographer And Videographer

I am a wedding videographer. Once upon a time, there might have been great shame in that. But, things have changed. Gone are the days of videographers showing up to the wedding and leaving an untouched camera on a tripod for the entire event. Wedding videos are now warm & personal, cinematic, and edgy. They are story-oriented and have narratives and multi-camera edits. This is not your father’s VHS that the neighbor shot.

Decay of film occurs over time and may result in a low quality online video. Each time a VHS mp3 is gamed, it truly is slightly broken. That is not happen with Digital video disks. A DVD MOVIE will take care of the same good quality whether it’s currently being viewed the first time or perhaps the hundredth period.

The second point about controlling video backgrounds is to avoid wasted space in your video. I’ll give you an example. Now, many people like to be in the video shot with a large sign or a background object. However, I’ve seen shots where the subject is so close to the sign or object that there’s nothing else in the video scene.

Also ask him if he will be recording the video alone or he will have a crew with him. It is advisable to choose a Wedding Videography who brings a crew along.

Make sure their experience is aligned with your project. Today there’s a lot of video production companies in the communication business. Most companies target a specialty area they’re comfortable with and build their experience in that niche. Never assume that just because a group is experienced in video production that they can automatically handle your project. For instance there are some companies that specialize in event videography…they make beautiful Wedding Videos. Do you want to hire them to produce your marketing video? No. That may seem like a no brainer…but there are horror stories out there where an organization made a poor choice and as a result they suffered from the experience. Narrow your choices down to 2 or 3 companies whose focus meets the type of work you need produced.

There are some companies out there with great artists who will attack your wedding with the force of a commercial production crew, give you an unbelievable finished product and can justify a high price tag. And there are some “hobbyists turned pro” who shoot in standard definition and will try to charge you over $1,000 to show up and hit record. Just be sure that you find the best of what you can get within your budget and don’t overpay for no good reason. P.S. POP Video’s wedding coverage starts at $1,395.

Unless there is an extremely good reason for inviting your ex-boyfriend or ex-wife, don’t do it. It makes everyone uncomfortable. A close corollary to this is not letting members of the wedding party know what your betrothed’s name is (yes, it sounds unbelievable but it DOES happen). If you have not been engaged for a long time, or you recently ended a long-standing relationship prior to your wedding and your wedding party isn’t familiar with your intended, make sure you introduce them. You don’t want to deal with a wedding toast to you and your ex-girlfriend because the best man didn’t know your bride’s name!