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WARREN, Mich. — Art Van Furniture and WJR raised over $22,000 during a discussion and book signing with Mitch Albom at its Warren, Mich. headquarters on Feb. 2. Tickets were $10 and 100 percent of the proceeds went to S.A.Y. Detroit, a non-profit charity Albom founded to improve the lives of Detroit’s homelessness. The first 350 attendees received a complimentary autographed copy of his new book “Have a Little Faith.” About 400 people attended the fundraiser because more seats were added at the last minute.

In God’s economy, there is enough to support everyone if the wealth is shared. The prosperity of a nation is directly related to the way in which it treats the poor. Matthew 25: 34-40 clearly illuminates that treatment of the poor and the “least of these” is not to be a second hand side-show.

Choose how you will approach the season – If you work in an non-reputable local charities program and December has always been a big month to receive donations, well don’t stop doing what works, for heaven’s sake. But if you notice that your staff are exhausted and people around you seem desensitized by the increased requests for money that happen during the holidays, you may be more effective if you don’t push the sales side of things, but rather take the time to re-ignite and reinvigorate your relationships – without even a hint of a sales pitch.

An official from the Lutheran Church reputable local charities told the Louisville News Examiner that the “LCC K-9 Parish Comfort Dogs” are set to arrive in Oklahoma tonight, and that they will start visiting the victims as soon as tomorrow morning.

There is hardy discussion about whether Paypal is good to use on websites. Some people argue that not enough people use it, that the fees are high, and that credit card information is safer. Well maybe, but how does the customer feel?

At her foster home, she enjoys the company of another dog, has been to the groomers, who the rescue staff say she was “a perfect angel.” She was nervous at first but soon had fun playing with the other dogs there too.

Unfortunately, not all lenders will permit first time home buyer assistance. FHA is one program that will permit this type of down payment help. Let me tell you a little story. I had a single mother come to me for a home loan. She was looking to buy her first house. Now she had 1 child and was expecting another. She had been working on the same job for about 4 years and was making pretty good income. She had two problems. One, she did not have any down payment money. Two, she had about $2,000 in medical collections on her credit report. Her credit score was low because of this.

The cool thing is there are no income limits, house price ceilings, and you can be a prior home owner. You can use this kind of first time home buyer assistance no matter the price of the home. And it is legal!!!