What Is Cypress Cuisine?

It was common knowledge that Chopin was in love with novelist George Sand, and even more common knowledge that Sand was a social climber bent on attracting every powerful man she could to further her insatiable ambition.

Daintree rain forest is a truly inspiring location. The natural result of so much inspiration is art, and the scenery boasts plenty of that. Local artists display their works at Dragonfly and Lora Villa Art Galleries demonstrating how the multi-sensory experience of such rich life translates into visual images.

Now slowly cast your eyes on the main altar. That is the shrine of Guan Di. But first, if you are facing the main altar, go over to your left. There is a small altar that joins to the big one. These are the minor gods.

Rhode Island and Providence Plantations was founded by zealous brethen who grew appalled and aggravated with the sanctimonies and regulations of their former colleagues in Massachusetts and walked to a new destiny, one in which their truth was The Truth. So busy with the business of God, they had no time for the wistful vistas and God-delivered splendors of Autumn.

Marvel at the spiral joss sticks that hang from above. Joss sticks are incense that is burned to worship the gods, and they are usually long and thin. But these joss sticks are spiral, and they make very good photo opportunities.

After Rome fell, this custard became part of weird European events during the Medieval age. Besides the savory varieties, people began experimenting with sweet custards. The Latin name for this dish was flado, which means custard. It became flaon in old French and from there it evolved into the name flan that we use today.

On the right side, there are two major gods here. On the left is Tai Sui, or the God of the Year. His name means “star of the big year”, which refers to the planet Jupiter because Jupiter’s orbit is about 12 years. Devotees pray to Tai Sui at the beginning of the year to seek blessing that lasts through to the next year.

That’s all for Guan Di and a few Chinese gods and a little bit of Chinese culture. There may even be a little Guan Di celebration in your own country if you have a China town back home.