Why You Want To Work From Home

Do you ever think that you want to work from home but are curious about what the advantages are. Here are a few of the things that you’ll love about being a home based business entrepreneur.

Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue (PSBR) of Hamilton, Ontario would like to tell you about Paris, a young female Shih Tzu that is currently being fostered in a home in Mississauga.

Donate it! Donate it to a non-charitable non profit organization, like Goodwill or The Salvation Army. Certain items may be able to find special homes. Cell phones, for example, can be donated to organizations that give them to battered women.

Moving into a new home can sometimes a chaotic one. Sometimes the sale goes through and sellers scramble to urge their belongings packed up and loaded into the trucks. Then once they get to their new home, there is not a trace of organization. Boxes that were hurriedly jammed with stuff are in disarray and unpacking them appears like additional work than it’s value. This is usually how folks find yourself reputable local charities with duplicate irons toasters coffeemakers. In their frustration of being unable to find a necessary item from the boxes, some favor to simply purchase another.

This is not possible in all situations, but when it is, it will increase your sales by several-fold. The key word is trust. Doing business is not a matter of getting the cheapest deal or writing proposals with the biggest numbers. Doing business is a matter of building a relationship, of liking your customers/clients, and of having them like you. Now how does this relate to sales?

This song is a timeless classic. Although I adore Thom and know he would never disrespect an artist like Neil Young, I still couldn’t believe my ears after hearing his version. Thom hits every note and sings the song to perfection. I could not imagine any other artist today being able to pull this off. It’s pure magic.

These poor and needy children need a helping hand. So instead of selling your old car, for few dollars, we should plan to donate car for kids to IRS organizations. Of course it is advisable to check that your car donation is being used for the purpose it is done. Children are the bright future of our nation and by donating cars for kids you can enlighten their lives.

See if you can “piggy back” on someone else’s mailing list, either email or snail mail. If you have a contact in Real Estate find an agent who regularly sends out a mailing. Sometimes agents will send out hundreds or thousands of mailings a month. I’ll bet you could find a real estate agent that would let you slip a raffle flyer, (or a blurb and picture in their email newsletter), into their mailing one month. Of course you’d praise that agent and give them some free advertising as well!