‘Your Favourite Little Black Dress, Christmas Party Weight’loss Secrets?’.

Thats right ladies its Septembers already, that horrible thought did just enter your head. It is Almost Christmas! And yes maybe “Your Favourite Little Black Party Dress Won’t Fit You?” Relax; I’m here to tell you to chill out, take a big deep breath 5, 4,3,2,1. Stop. “HOLD! Now breathe out real slow…through your nose. Ah is that better?

Always use airtight containers to store dry ingredients such as sugar, flour and other baking ingredients. This will stop moisture from spoiling them, extend their shelf life and stop any unwanted pests from enjoying them before you do!

Each Sunday, look for a different roast to be served along with the trimmings. In addition to the roast, there will also be special menu items for the day including the dish Toad in the Hole (a sausage and Yorkshire pudding dish served with vegetables and gravy) and other English foods that will be paired with select beers.

Couple of things to note too, you can choose not to marinate it, but I prefer to infuse the flavours. Another thing is that you can be creative with this recipe as long as you use a good quality lamb.

Food is an essential part of any summer party but there is no need to cook a full doghotel. A popular choice is to throw a cocktail party that mostly serves small bite-size food and a nice mix of drinks. There are plenty easy to make hors d’ouvres recipes available in many cookbooks as well as on the internet which can all be prepared in advance of the party. This enables you to enjoy your party instead of standing over an oven and allows you to mingle with your guests.

Yorkshire puddings can be made in large square tins, large round tins, small round tins or more commonly large bun tins. I personally use the buns tins and obtain 100% success every time I make them.

Irregular eating habits can disrupt the body’s metabolism making it harder to lose weight. Start your own diet plan, weigh yourself once a week before breakfast. Keep records and see if a pattern develops from doing a 20 minute walk every day, declining alcohol form Monday to Friday along with sugary foods. Substitute with healthy snacks i.e. fruit, trim fat from meat and grill all food. Take the weight of your mind and start today.

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