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Build Smarter with Resource

Maximize Usable Square Footage and ROI

Resource Furniture's Contract Division specializes in transforming furnishings for multi-family developments, micro-units, and hospitality projects. Our European-made furniture maximizes any floor plan, allowing a single room to perform like 2 or 3 — all while exhibiting the unmatched comfort, quality, and longevity you (and your tenants) expect.

Our Partners

Partners for Success

From designing the perfect space right up to installation day and beyond, our experienced team is here every step of the way. Get started with Resource today and receive the full-service experience.


Hear From Our Clients

"In side-by-side tests, our furnished units, which feature multifunctional wall bed systems from Resource Furniture, have regularly outperformed comparable unfurnished units by a margin of three to one.”

Chris Bledsoe

CEO, Ollie

"The wall beds have been so helpful in the lease process, especially when residents are only renting for a few months and have everything in storage – it’s a big selling point."

John Wolf

Property Owner & Investor

"The payback has already happened. The furniture cost less than the construction to reconfigure the apartments would have. I am not sure if the project would have worked without the furniture."

Matthew Rooney

CEO, MDG Design + Construction

"Rental apartments take a beating, but in over six years we have not had any major replacements of RF furniture. Tenants like it very much. The flexibility in a beautiful package helps in such a small space."

Frank Dubinsky

COO, Monadnock Development

Contract Division

Meet The Team

Steve Spett

CEO & Co-founder

Steve founded Resource Furniture with his partner Ron Barth in 2000. Since then, they have built Resource into the global transforming furniture brand that it is today. One of Steve’s primary focuses is our dedicated Contract Division, working closely with developers, hoteliers and their design teams. He also focuses on his clients, staff, and family (but not necessarily in that order).

Trish Steen

Director of Business Development

Trish comes to Resource with a rich and diverse professional background; after earning her BFA in fine arts sculpture, she gained experience in product development, design, merchandising, and sales. When she is not working her magic in the Contract Division, you may find Trish hiking, biking, taking an ocean swim at sunrise, or training for her next triathlon. (That's right, she also happens to be a USAT- certified triathlon and marathon coach, and an 8-time full distance Ironman!)

Kirk Schuly

Senior Project Manager

No stairwell is too narrow, no order too custom for backpack-toting Kirk. As Senior Project Manager, Kirk handles all the logistical details to ensure a smooth delivery and installation. Whether he's getting furniture to the top of a six-story walkup, or figuring out that the ceiling is 2” lower than the furniture before the order is placed, Kirk makes sure every little detail is attended to.

Pieter Depreeuw

Technical Project Manager

Hailing from Belgium, Pieter is our resident Project Manager and our go-to guy for resolving all sorts of technical issues. With degrees in woodworking and drafting, experience in general construction, and an extensive knowledge of technology, Pieter knows a thing or two about furniture design. That is why he is tasked with handling site measurements and providing technical support for all large-scale projects. There’s little Pieter can’t do!

Tyler Davis

LA Showroom Manager

After growing up in California, Tyler made his way to New York (on his motorcycle to boot!) where he spent a decade working in furniture and design. Now he’s back on in Los Angeles with his wife and son, where he not only manages our West Hollywood showroom but also works closely with the Contract Division to oversee our west coast multi-family residential projects.

Emily Ingram

Director of Business Development

Emily grew up in San Jose, and after a few years in New York she made her way back to the west coast. In addition to managing our Seattle showroom, Emily builds and strengthens our relationships with the trade and explores new partnership opportunities for our Contract Division as our Director of Business Development. When she is not working her magic at Resource Furniture, Emily likes exploring new places with her dogs Phypher and Olivia.